Organic Wine Nomad


Our passion is wine produced the way it always has been, labeled organic, bio-dynamic or simply natural. We are motivated by the increasing awareness of the value of sustainable agriculture/viticulture and the constantly growing number of wine producers dedicated to produce quality wines with as little intervention as possible.

Our wine collection is a journey through Southern Europe’s terroirs with its variety of grapes, where producers continue with great knowledge and sensitivity the fine art of winemaking introduced by ancient Greeks and Romans.

The other criteria for the selection of our wines is quality, to offer good wines, and at affordable prices.

Who are we:  the Organic Wine Nomad is born out of love for Southern, Mediterranean countries. Elisabeth Spinnler and her brother Theo were lucky to regularly accompany their grandfather on his road trips down south. Italy, Southern France and Spain were the regions where this wine connoisseur and wine passionate tasted wine in small production wineries, and built up a personal wine collection. This was back in the seventies. They were teenagers then. The visits left an everlasting strong mark on both. The Organic Wine Nomad’s wine collection is the expression of the inherited love for Mediterranean countries and for old-world charm balancing their Swiss urban roots. Authentic values, quality and respect for nature are the guidelines for choosing new wines. They also consult an informal wine tasting panel, persons with different wine palates and various cultural backgrounds.


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